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January 30 2017
It’s over, the end of what seems like a brief moment in history for about 10,000 students. It actually may be a bit more than ten thousand. Regardless of the number it’s over. It was a ride that was both very good and at times incredibly bad. There were moments that laughter, joy and learning were experienced in spades. Equally there were moments that everything was questioned and much was doubted. It came about after a long period of time full of adult bullying and actual... Read More

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    We had such a great time! Your camp is aMazing. The students loved it, and did things they never thought they would have! The slide show at the end was the cherry on top!!!

    ~Amanda - Teacher - Huron Heights Secondary School
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    “Just want to thank the Pigeon Lake YLCC staff for another wonderful experience. My Grade 7 class just returned from their overnight with smiles on their faces and singing ‘pizza man’. I have taken a group for a number of years now and I never tire of the experience. YOU rock!”