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Tue, 2016-11-08 15:52

I sit in the office in Orillia, on a very rare occasion where I have the entire place to myself. Normally there is chit chat of my fellow office collegues, the pitter patter of pug paws and the general busy-ness of it all. Today with Alan Doyle’s voice keeping me company in the background, I take a moment to think back at this entire year…..How far we have grown in a year!!!

OSLC is in 5 days!!!!!!! 5 days until the largest and longest running leadership conference in CANADA takes place! I wait in nervous anticipation for it……the moment of the Great Room just going absolutely wild. Have you ever tried to explain that feeling to someone? If not, try! It’s ridicuously hard!

While I work on this confernece for a year, I cannot, in no way, do it alone. I have a ton of people whose support I am very thankful for you.

Our SPONSORS - You make OSLC to continue to be bigger and better! Your support is so greatly appreicated!!!!

The Advisors of OSLC - I say this every year but I honestly feel like I know you, even though I have never even met some of you in person! Thank you for your patience and wanting your students to attend OSLC! If it wasn’t for teachers like you, the students wouldn’t be able to attend. I am extremely grateful!

The Delegates - You continue to amaze me each year, with your abundance of energy…(I seriously don’t know how you do it… takes a serious amount of coffee for me to stay that energized during OSLC…you just have it!) your amazing leadership skills and your genuine politeness! I couldn’t ask for better students to come to conference. Keep being amazing!!

The Hotel/Confence Staff- Liza, David, Luiggi, Phil and all the staff of the hotel - Thanks for all you do! You make my job easy!

Our Keynotes of 2016 - Mark, Cara and Mike - Thank you for taking the time to speak to these amazing delegates. We are so honoured to have you at OSLC! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The Workshop Speakers - YOU ALL ROCK! Thank you so much for your flexibility, passion and happy emails:) I am very thankful to have each of you at conference!

The Volunteers of OSLC 2016 - OSLC would not run without you. Your support, hugs, positivity and general amazingness are truly appreicated! Thanks for jumping in and just doing your thing! Thank you to the moon and back!

Ashley Baer, Ian Tyson and Stu Saunders - Thanks for telling me to breathe, taking me on walks when I need them and all the hugs and belly laughs along the way! WE GOT THIS!

The adventure continues! Thanks to the moon and back!!

- Erin

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  • Student Conferences

    We brought 40 students, mostly juniors, and the layout of the conference space and dorm space made our staff feel comfortable with supervision. The college also made it super easy for meals - everything was in the same complex. I HIGHLY recommend trying out this conference for those schools who haven’t yet. Top notch leadership experience!

    ~Bob Kline - Teacher - Huron Heights Secondary School, Kitchener, ON
  • Student Conferences

    Thanks so much for an amazing conference. We’re already looking forward to EOSLC 2018!

    ~Riley McMullen - Tagwi Secondary School - Avonmore, ON
  • Student Conferences

    I want to thank you for giving my students the opportunity to attend EOSLC!! On the drive home, they were discussing how wonderful the speakers were, and the spirit leaders, and the venue, and the whole experience!!!

    I know they have taken with them new insight as to what it means to be a leader! I thank you for that! You must be so proud to have so much positive influence on the youth of tomorrow.

    Thank you, thank you!!

    ~Jennifer Neville -VALOUR SCHOOL - Petawawa
  • Student Conferences

    OSLC has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of our Student Activities Council leadership group over the 10 years we have been attending. The chance to get away together, bond as a group, meet other awesome leaders and advisors from across the province, and be challenged by some of the best speakers in the world has made a huge impact on the enthusiasm and effectiveness of our leadership program.”

    ~Jeff Gerber, Waterloo Oxford District Secondary School, Baden, Ontario
  • Student Conferences

    OSLC to me is family, period.

    ~Hayley Press
  • Student Conferences

    OSLC showed me through the people I met what it was to be a better leader by how you act and what you do.

    ~Ben Arnold
  • Student Conferences

    OSLC is an experience where you can literally go and see 1000’s of other teens that have the same desire as you to lead and make a change in the world. The energy is electric, the movement is massive and the memories are completely unforgettable. The experience is one you fully cant understand without going there, there is an indescribable and irreplacable feeling that is created there, and it sticks even after you leave.

    ~Brittany Roney
  • Student Conferences

    OSLC changed my life. I have never felt so alive in my entire life. I met so many people who I will be life long friends with. The energy is amazing and the inspiration is indescribable.
    If there was one memory I could remember it would be OSLC.

    ~Maddison F
  • Student Conferences

    I don’t even know how to begin or where to start telling you how amazing OSLC was and how amazing and incredible you are! This event was truly life changing for me and my council, thank you so much for this, for OSLC and for you. You are truly an inspiration and have shown me so much and have lit a fire inside me.

    ~Joshua McCallum, Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, Strathroy, Ontario
  • Student Conferences

    I have been bringing students to the Ontario Student Leadership Conference for over 10 years. Our students clamour for a spot at the conference because they have heard about it and want to be a part of it. They always come back from the conference excited and motivated to make positive changes in our school and community. The speakers are always world class and the workshops inspire and educate the students, I look forward to being part of this incredible conference for years to come, keep up the great work.

    ~Kyle Pope, Oakville Traflagar High School
  • Student Conferences

    This conference consistently fosters, in the students who attend, a sense of community in leadership that I’ve yet to see generated to this degree anywhere else. Former students have told me, years later, that the OSLC was the highlight of their high school experience. I believe them.

    ~Ross Thomson, Craig Kielburger Secondary School, Milton, Ontario
  • Student Conferences

    I have been attending OSLC a number of years with our Students’ Council Executive. There is no other opportunity that I am able to offer my students that leads to such enthusiasm and ideas for the school year. Many of my students have worked as Spirit Leaders at the conference, and more than once students have told me how OSLC has changed their life. On top of that, OSLC is one of the very few conferences that allow for PD for staff members who work in student leadership. More than once I have had my own commitment to student leadership refreshed through workshops at OSLC.

    ~Tanya Lacey, McKinnon Park Secondary School, Caledonia, Ontario