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The Plan for Your STU-pendous 2016

Tue, 2016-01-05 17:32

It’s that time of the year again! The time when we all recommit or start for the first time to figure out how to create that epic life we really want.

Facebook and Twitter are full of motivational quotes, “how-to” videos, and blogs on the 20 steps or 10 actions to create the best year ever! I guess it’s my time to do the same but to do it in a much more ‘real’ way. Here’s what I mean…

I was moved at The Titan Summit to hear an incredible speaker and author, Alex Charfen, who is a super energetic and authentic speaker and entrepreneur. Here’s a powerful quote he shares:

“If the person teaching you how to build a team doesn’t have one, run away fast.”

The point being is if the messenger of the “how-to” hasn’t actually done anything outside of talk about it, they may not be the best source to get true wisdom from.

I have had the awesome opportunity to build a successful business that has reached tens of thousands of humans around the world. How STU-pendous is that? I want to be clear, I am not perfect and I am in no way done. I am making some huge changes in 2016; ones that will create new relationships, change old ones and move the YLCC ship in some new directions. I have failed tons. I have failed far more than I have succeeded. I have just had the STU-pid tenacity to stick to my vision. I say that because most success comes from those that stick to their vision longer than most people in your world think it’s possible!

So, in a nutshell, here are my 5 Steps to a Successful 2016. I have taken these from the many mentors that have helped me and the many lessons I have learned myself.

1. Have goals. Write down 3 to 5 for 2016. Create them in 3 categories: Physical, Family, and Fortune. The key is to write them down. Now POST THEM! Lastly, read them every day when you wake up and again before you go to bed! Don’t forget.

2. Do something! Make some movement towards your goals. Every day, find a small manageable task that will take you towards some of those, or all of those goals. Maybe it’s an article you need to read, maybe it’s a reduction in the time you spend on the Internet, or perhaps it’s a conversation or an apology that is long overdue. Do something!

3. Take an inventory of your friends. If you have negative, crappy friends that won’t support you, challenge you, and encourage you, DUMP THEM! Look at the 5 people you spend the most time with. Do they match your passion, your pursuit of STU-pendous? NO? Then move on. You don’t have to be mean to them. Just move away from them. The people you need are out there. Maybe they’re online via a mastermind group. Change the channel.

4. Journal! People who say they can’t journal or it’s not valuable to them, they aren’t asking the right questions or they don’t really want to look too deeply at the life they are leading. Throughout history the best artists, athletes, humanitarians and business leaders have done some sort of journaling! Try it for 66 days! Ask yourself these three questions each morning:

1) What are 3 things I can do today make today STU-pendous?
2) What is one thing I could do better today than yesterday?
3) What are 5 things I am grateful for? (This can be anything! This is a BIG one!)

5. GIVE BACK! Stop keeping score! Find ways to give your time, money, and wisdom to others. This is key; I have learned this from pretty much everyone who is successful. Stop thinking the world is out to get you. A favourite quote I wrote in another article was, “If you think the world is out get you, the world will be out to get you!”

I wish you the best in 2016. Dream bigger than you thought you could, be prepared to fail because that will happen on the way to success, and most importantly, no one ever became truly successful by only hoping to be rich - they became fulfilled by trying to do more for others.

You are STU-pendous!

Happy New Year.

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  • Stu Speaks

    Students were very engaged, enthusiastic and excited. Stu is hilarious…seriously. “Humour is never a bad thing” said one student.

    ~Annalisa Varano - Vice Principal - St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
  • Stu Speaks

    They say a great presenter “leaves them wanting more”. Well, we loved your presentation and the entire team asked me when you will be back! You are truly STUpendous!

    ~Nancy Klensch - Founder of Summit Kids
  • Stu Speaks

    Stu is an energetic, entertaining and dynamic presenter. He captures is audiences’ attention and keeps the room engaged for the entire presentation! His stories in his presentation captures everyone at different points, even the teachers!

    ~Sara Meaney - Cobourg Collegiate Institute
  • Stu Speaks

    Stu was great! Staff and students felt it really broke the anxiety in the building and we even got cupcakes today from one of the students.

    ~Carrie Rowlandson - William Aberhart High School, Calgary Alberta
  • Stu Speaks

    Stu was fantastic. There is nothing better than seeing 600 adolescents laughing their heads off. He delivers a terrific message and has the entire audience engaged, thinking, listening and most importantly laughing within seconds, and he keeps it going for over an hour. Thanks again on behalf of the Shores!!

    ~Doug Woods - Vice Principal, Nantyr Shores Secondary School
  • Stu Speaks

    Stu’s speech did exactly what I hoped it would do when I tried to bring him in: it brought the school together for a good laugh while empowering the student body to be the change they wish to see in their classroom. I feel he hit this goal perfectly.

    ~Steven Fotheringham - Oakville Trafalgar High School
  • Stu Speaks

    I really liked how the speech really just seemed like Stu was telling us funny stories, but he always related it back to the overall message. It didn’t sound like a speech at all, it was as if he was just talking to the crowd. I would say that he is excellent in connecting with the audience and keeping them entertained. There was not a two minute period in Stu’s speech were nobody was laughing. He kept us amused throughout the entire presentation. I thought he was perfect.

    ~James Palloto
  • Stu Speaks

    I would highly recommend Stu, his engaging personality was a real hook for the students and his messages were ones that many of them could identify with. The humour was great and the students shared that they enjoyed the presentation.

    ~Teresa Fowler - W.H. Croxford High School, Airdrie, Alberta
  • Stu Speaks

    Stu is personable. Students are willing to listen to him. They enjoy listening to him. He has a message, but he is also entertaining. He is fun to listen to and students don’t feel talked down to or preached at.

    ~Tanya Lacey - McKinnon Park Secondary School, Caledonia, ON
  • Stu Speaks

    I was at the OCA conference on May 6th, and I just wanted to thank you on being such a wicked keynote… you definitely put me back in the camp mindset and reminded me of what’s truly important about the up-coming summer. Once again, a job very well done.

    ~Emily Summers
  • Stu Speaks

    The students really enjoyed Stu’s humour and low-key but critical message about getting involved and getting the most out of their High School experience. I would recommend Stu as a speaker who relates well to students, is funny, and gets the message out without preaching.

    Thank you,

    ~Lynn Toye