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April 29 2008
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Was thinking about strength tonight. On my phone there is a line that reads “For the kids!”. I wrote it as my screen note the day I got my phone and I haven’t changed it since. I think it’s important to draw your strength from something that is very real. I have been thinking of that for a LONG time and realized that the reason I do most of the things in my life is because of my three children. They are amazing. I cherish them every time I spend a moment... Read More

April 22 2008
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Saw a movie on the weekend. Nimm’s Island. Not bad, not great but above average. The movie was good because it was an adventure, one that I felt fine taking the kids to. No adult humour, just an adventure.

I got one really great line from the film, went something like this…

“Be the hero of your own life adventure!”

Great message isn’t it? To often we look to others for the adventure or wish our life was like someone else’s. Truth be... Read More

April 09 2008
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Last night I met Josl Huter and his beautiful wife Elfriede. In 1964 Josl started one of Ontario’s finest ski resorts in Mount St. Louis. He and his wife have been in business for almost 50 years. Building with their hands what has become their legacy. Josl was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1958 and was given only 6 months to live. Josl would have none of that, he decided to undergo some very dangerous and unproven surgery to remove the ping pong ball sized tumour from his brain. He... Read More

April 02 2008
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Have you ever done something for a while and it went really well and you wondered how long it would last? So you push it for as long as you could, then all of a sudden it crashes, turns bad. Then there are people that seem to recognize when it’s a good time to get out. When it’s time to retire, move on, change jobs, close a business or end a relationship. They just seem to have a knack. They get out just at the right time!

I have been presented with many different... Read More

March 29 2008
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What could you do with an hour? What change could you make with one hour? How could you not only impact your life, but the life of others in just 60 minutes?

Great question and it is the question that you should answer today in your journal. But today at 8pm wherever you are in your time zone turn off the lights, unplug the tv (if it’s plugged in it still uses power), turn the heat down…

It’s a great opportunity to spend time with each other, play a... Read More