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Short... sweet

Wed, 2009-03-25 22:26

I am sitting at my favourite Starbucks enjoying a latte. I know all the staff, I am a regular. The manager is sitting at the table beside me. She has just promoted a young barista to a shift supervisor. I am happy to see her so excited. I open my Macbook and look at my dozen new emails.

“I don’t know it you heard?” says the manager as she leans over to me.

“No, what’s the news?” I reply.

“Sandy the other Starbucks Manager, her husband passed away on Sunday.”


“Sudden, don’t know all the details. Went into hospital on Wednesday and was gone on Sunday.”

“How old?” I asked.


“I’m 39.”

We were all silent for a few minutes.

Life is short, we need to make it sweet. Be great, be awesome. Stop complaining about silly things that are truly silly. Hug your children, love your spouse, smile at a stranger, lead without title.


You know this stuff. I talk about it all the time. This is not new.

“The sad part about it is we all go back to our lives and not think about it in a few days.” the manager adds as I empty my inbox.


Need to stop that, need to stop.