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A TITANIC Experience

Sat, 2015-12-19 15:25

There’s a crazy stat that says the vast majority of people give up after being turned down just once. They rarely, if ever, ask twice. Let alone 7 times. In fact, most people give up prior to even trying.

Maybe it’s because I am not “smart enough” to understand that it’s my place to say thank you when turned down and move on to something else; something easier. Maybe that’s it.

The problem, or the awesome thing is, I never stop asking. I have had the most STUpendous life because I just keep going for it. When talking to an old friend about the film I created and the media company I started a year ago he said, “The reason why you succeeded was because you didn’t know you weren’t supposed to!”

Weird. I guess that’s a pretty honest statement, though. Science says that bumble bee’s shouldn’t be able to fly because physics says their body mass is too large for their wing span. Why do they fly then? Simple, no one has told them that they can’t!

I know it’s cheesy but it’s a powerful thought.

Scott Stratton, who I had the the pleasure of hearing speak a week ago, shared a great thought. He said that no one is born hating anyone, that they learn that behaviour. That’s the same with our limitations and dreams. People say, “That’s a dumb idea. Don’t do it.” And so most of us stop believing, dreaming and trying.

9 years ago I set out to connect with international author and leadership expert Robin Sharma. I had read his book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” (highly recommended), and loved the concepts in the story. I emailed every single employee in the company and after 6 very polite “no thank you’s” I got the meeting I wanted, with Robin on the phone. I knew once we met we would connect on a great level. We did, we have, and now he’s one of my most cherished friends.

I admire Robin because of his authenticity. He lives his message. That’s HUGE for me. Don’t tell me to take risks, face my fears, dream BIG, if you, the messenger, don’t.

This brings me to my TITANIC experience. I hope you’re still with me. 9 years ago Robin invited me to be a part of an event he was running in Toronto. To be a facilitator in the room. It was great. Now we have done 12 events together. Each one better than the last.

This past week at The Ritz Carleton in Toronto I was again invited by my friend to be a part of the third annual Titan Summit. A gathering of 140 of the most successful leaders on the planet. What an honour. How awesome. As I was standing beside Shaquille O’Neil and we were talking about kids and how to create better leaders, I had another moment of clarity. I am here because I didn’t give up. It’s that simple.

I had the additional opportunity to meet Ian Lopatin, one of the minds behind Spiritual Gangster. This is a STUpendous company that you need to check out. He is a true Titan of giving. We sat together at dinner at the Chef’s Table in Toca Restaurant a The Ritz. I was again wondering to myself, why am I here? This is bizarre. Ian turned to me and put his hand on my heart and said, “You, you deserve this, you are here. You are supposed to be here.” I said nothing, he just offered me this thought.

There’s reason why most people don’t rise to a STUpendous life. They doubt the possibilities that are given to them, offered to them. It’s not that they can’t. Everyone can. Once you give up the excuses, the doubt and the cynicism, you can go to levels you never expected.

It’s not easy. I am sorry but it’s not as simple as “The Secret” would have you believe. You will get knocked down here and there, but if you believe you are supposed to be great, then I believe it’s more than possible.

In STUpendous gratitude for you and for my life,